Our kittens are fully educated and  friendly


When choosing a serval kitten hoping to obtain a domesticated, kind and gentle pet, it must be purchased in household nurseries, rather than in institutions with outdoor cages. Starting from 2-3 weeks of age, the serval kitten must be in constant contact with a person, otherwise it will grow wild, and it will be impossible to teach it to live in a house together with people. You should take a serval kitten only when it is able to eat meat alone, house-trained and received all the necessary vaccinations. We don’t recommend buying a kitten younger than 8 weeks, since it is a big risk.

First, you should decide whether you buy a kitten for breeding or as a pet. If you want the serval for a pet, you must timely sterilise it, better at the age of 5-7 months, otherwise there definitely will be problems with spraying. If the animal is purchased for breeding, get ready to the fact that the serval will start marking its territory – both males and females do that.

Do not buy animals from “second-hand dealers” – they often acquire animals from “illegal sellers”, poachers or from zoos with no official document package, therefore the animal will be socially unadapted, untrained to use the litter box and possibly sick.

Our kittens are handed over to the owners with the following documents:

  • microchip implant;
  • Veterinary Passport (vaccinations according to the age);
  • Veterinary Certificate; Origin/Certificate of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora);
  • Sale Contract; Delivery and Acceptance Certificate.

Our kittens are fully domesticated, house-trained to excrete in the litter box and switched from bottle-feeding to meat, fish and poultry.

We soon expect a new litter of serval 




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